Thursday, 19 April 2012


it's beautiful to have a person who can make you laugh everytime you come to school ..
i thanks to my friends for doing that ..
every morning ..
when i go to school ..
when i sit at my table ..
they know how to make me laugh ..
they know how to keeps my mood lighter ..
they know how to light up the situation when there's an awkward situation ..
they loveeee to call my name repeatly ..
damn i love my friends ..
truely i do ..
i pray to god to keeps them with me until i die ..
Insya-Allah .
to my friends ..
i love you all so damn much ..
god dont take each one of them away from me ..
i love them too much ..

saye sayang bebudak ni ..
god dont take them away from me ..
mereka lah nyawa saye :)
smpai mati persahabatan kami akan berkekalan :)
Amin !